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The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio

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Notice to Participants! [Sep. 29th, 2009|12:25 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio


I have everyone's records, emails and participation confirmation except those names listed below.  I think this post may have been confusing.  Sorry about that!

I need your email
- autumn_sunrise

I need you confirm your participation to this community:
- *Illahie (Gulon) - * I need confirmation post to this entry! Please respond to this post in this format:

Preferred name:
LJ name:
Your artwork website:
Name/pic of Beast:
Description of Beast:
Email (most frequently checked):
Submitting Current Beast or Redoing Beast?

Thanks everyone!
I need this last bit of info before I can continue and decide more things pertaining to the project.  I need a final headcount.  If anyone in this project speaks to someone on this list regularly, please refer to them to this post, it's very important!
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Please subscribe to updates! [Sep. 28th, 2009|02:45 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio


Hey everyone!

I've been really grateful to everyone's enthusiasm and response to this renewed project. In order to prevent this project from having another "falling out", I need everyone to do me a favour.

I need everyone please follow the tutorial I have below and subscribe to automatic updates when this community gets another post one of two ways. 

If you check an RSS feeder everyday, feel free to just select the RSS feed at the top of the community page (I know right, LJ has RSS now- wicked!):

Please comment with your email address (that you check often) once you have completed the above step! (Comments are screened for privacy!)

To those who don't mess with, know what an RSS feed is or if you do not check it EVERY SINGLE DAY- Please follow these other steps!

1) Go to the Community user page. (Please make sure if you are listed as a part of this project, you are indeed a member of this community!)




5) Please comment with your email address (that you check often) once you have completed the above step! (Comments are screened for privacy!)

I left this public for anyone who may not have joined the community yet, but please keep in mind the important posts are member's only, so you need to make sure you are logged in every time you check Livejournal.  

I can't express how important it is for everyone to be on board with this project and be up to date.  There will be contracts, sketches, WIP's and finals all due, not to mention important updates about crucial matters to this project and I'd like everyone's opinion (like what will be going on this week!).  If you can't make this first commitment, you may want to rethink your inclusion in the project.  I hate to be hard on this, but I don't want this project to fall by the wayside again and the only way I can do that is by making sure I and everyone else on board takes this project seriously.  

I know we're all busy, so this method will ensure you don't miss an update.  I'm not requiring everyone to respond to each and every post, if you don't have anything to say, then by all means, I'm not forcing you, but I need to make sure no matter how you re-found out about this project (LJ, Deviantart, ect), everyone needs to realise that Livejournal is where all the action and updates are going to be taking place and I need everyone to be able to respond in the same place (helps alleviate my missing random DA notes and other less-checked communications).

I don't want to appear tyrannical, but I am taking this project seriously and hope that everyone else will too.  I know our lives are all busy, but this is a step to help simplify it (I've done this too!).  I'm going to Oslo in a day, and I'll be back Stateside in December, and then I might even be moving to Australia later next year for all I know- so if I can keep up with this project (I'll try to lead by example, kick me in the butt if I'm slacking!), then I'm hoping you all can too.

Thanks everybody!
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Roll Call Finished! [Sep. 26th, 2009|05:30 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio


At this point in time, we are not seeking new members!

It's been a hecktic day to say the least!  I stayed up til 5:30am, finishing up this list and trying my best to get everyone situated.  It was a very short amount of time for everyone to respond and I'm still waiting to hear back from some people.  It's going to be difficult and I don't want to turn away existing members, especially ones that had excellent WIP's, but unfortunately, I have to have a reasonable cap to this project as there were over 50 members at various points in the project!  If you are an existing member and you had a WIP you would like to finish, please contact me (char.reed@gmail.com) and I will see if I can squeeze you into the project.  If you had not started on your project or only had a very loose sketch, I'm afraid I cannot add you onto the project at this time.

HOWEVER! I am currently looking for a co-moderator as I have none!  If you want to be a co-mod or know someone who would like to be, please comment if you are interested! The co-mod's position, while I won't say it won't be challenging at times, isn't going to be like being the mod. I'd mostly be relying on them to be a resource of information, to help me bounce off ideas or make decisions. Also, it'd be cool if the co-mod went to cons, since I'm not really a con-goer myself (not really big enough in any industry to make it worth it). Thanks!

I'm happy to announce that three people stepped up and (whether they like it or not!), I'm titling them as co-mods for the project.  That makes a total of 3 co-mods, including ashalinds_ashes , synnabar and sekhmet !  Thank you all!  I'm grateful for your assistance :)

The ListCollapse )

Please don't forget to add yourself to the community so you can start joining in on the discussion here!  I have marked all future entries as "member's only" when you post so we can discuss among ourselves plans and details specific to the project (ie: costs, numbers and ideas we can toss around with each other without getting outside sources too excited/ disappointed). 
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Roll Call! [Sep. 25th, 2009|04:37 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio


What's going on?
I will post a more indepth look and renewed scope of the project (for members only- don't forget to join if you've been given the ok!), but first I want to get a post started for the people who would like to be a part of this project.

I'm afraid we will have to start this project from scratch as it was started in 2005 and it could take another 2 years just to sort through "who did what" and if they still want their artwork included or not, so I will put up a new roll call.

Please understand that even though we want to highlight undiscovered talent, we want to maintain quality control.
Feel free to respond to this post to ask if your art is of sufficient quality to participate, but keep in mind a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if you have ever been sought out and commissioned by strangers and if people ask about purchasing prints of your work, then you are more than likely off to a good start.  In short, anyone can join, as long the art is good enough!

In order to prevent this project from getting out of hand, I am setting a cap of 20 artists. Please respond quickly to the project in order to get a spot! [NOTE: The cap is flexible, but I set it as a starting point to gauge interest and until we decide what this project is going to end up as. Please also note that if your artwork is deemed insufficient quality, your spot will be forfeited.  This also works in reverse, if your art is deemed sufficient quality, you will get a spot in the order you submitted your post. So respond!]

ALSO! I am looking for another moderator who can help me with this project. Most preferably someone with past project management experience.

Where can I find a Beast of Yore?
Check the Profile for help on this subject.

Since this project is being started from scratch, I'm going to tentatively say that all bets are off and all beasts are available to anyone who wants to be a part of the project. Scroll through previously claimed beasts to see if there are any that strike your fancy or if you have already chosen a beast and want to do a new depiction of it, you can do that as well! If you are unsure which beast you want to do, but want to be a part of the project, just respond with "N/A" in the appropriate fields.

[EDIT] An exception will be made to the "all bets are off" if an artist has already previously completed their work for this project and still wants that piece to be included in the project.  These situations will be handled on a case by case basis.

How do I respond?
Please use the following template (see examples):

Preferred name:
LJ name:
Your artwork website:
Name/pic of Beast:
Description of Beast:

What if I already finished my piece for the project?
Special consideration will be given to the members who have already completed their finished illustration and still like it enough to submit it to the portfolio.  As this is a revamp/fresh start to the project, I am afraid I don't have the time or the energy to track down every piece that was finished, though I have sent notices to a select few.  This consideration unfortunately cannot extend to people who have finished but want to redo their piece- you have to re-sign up! 

If you were a part of this project, it's on you to let the new mod (me!) know about your piece!  Older artworks must be sent to me with the information about the artist, lj name, beast and artwork done for the project.  Please resend your piece at 300 dpi resolution to: char.reed@gmail.com 

The List (23/20)

1. _casidhe_- Sleipnir
2. breakingpencils - Manticore
3. ashalinds_ashes - Quilin
4. synnabar- Bixie
5. autumn_sunrise - Thunderbird
6. shimmerhawk - Demon
7. tyreenya - Theow
8. painted_mare - Bouda
9. *tarkheki - Wasgo
10. Wolf_Nymph - Selkie
Thaily - Miraj
12. Zenedai - Ouroboros
13. Naryu - ShiShi
14. *Keaalu - Ammut
15. *Illahie - Gulon
16. *BlackUniGryphon -Capricorn
17. DimeSpin - Bishop-fish
18. Melanippos - Barnacle Goose
19. Sekhmet - Merlion
20. Melskunk - Musimon

Moonykins - Kelpie
• Swandog - Enfield
• Char -

*Need confirmation post to this entry.

Thank you!
Thanks everyone for your patience and understanding during this transition!
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(no subject) [Sep. 25th, 2009|03:11 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio

[Current Mood |calmcalm]

Hi all,

I know that many of you have been wondering what the current status is of this portfolio, if it's still alive or dead...And well, some time after the creation of this community, my health began to severely decline. I had less and less energy to expend on the continuation of this project, and yet I didn't want it to become defunct--a fate which has befallen several other worthy folios, sadly...For not only does this one an interesting theme (I think!), and not only does it give some lesser-known, under-appreciated artists out there a chance to participate in a portfolio, but there has been some incredibly amazing art submitted to it so far! :) Thus I appointed some other mods to help me run it, in hopes of keeping it functional, and unfortunately, they too had certain, unforeseen issues and obstacles crop up in their lives that hindered them from being able to devote much time to this (job issues, babies born, loss of internet, etc.)...

But thankfully, my co-mod charreed now seems to be able to take up the torch from me and carry it onward, so I will be stepping down as head moderator and letting her move forward with it, to do as she wishes, and if any of you still wish to participate in it, please direct all further correspondence to her. She will need to do a brand new roll-call to see who is still "on board" here, and will want to know if any of the artists who had previously sent in submissions wish to send in updated work (now that their skills have improved), and will be doing quality-control on any work that is/was submitted, be it new or old, among other tasks. So even if I may have approved the old submissions, that doesn't necessarily mean they are still approved (and that includes my own work)! It's all up to her discretion now. :) And with that said, I'll take my leave, although I will still be closely watching this community and will do my best to help out here as/if needed. :)

Best wishes to all,
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Are we still on? [Jul. 30th, 2008|02:02 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio

[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

Whats going on with this project?
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Hi everyone! [Aug. 28th, 2007|11:52 am]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio


After discussing it with swandog, I've decided to take on a maintainer position to this community. My name is Char and I recently moved to Norway from the US.  Swan and I have done a lot of discussion on this project.

We were talking about how this community has fallen to the wayside and how we're preparing to pick it back up. Lots more community participation, more posts, more firm deadlines- and maybe most importantly- quality control.

I've kind of assigned myself the position of damage control for this project. I want to see this project succeed where others have failed. I will do my best to be constructive in critiquing art submitted to this project. I would like to warn people, if they cannot handle constructive critique on their art, please reconsider your role in this project. I am not going to be mean - just frank. I will treat everyone the same.  Don't get this to mean that you are automatically "not good enough".  If you are willing to take criticism and are willing to try really hard to improve your work- feel free to stay in the project!  This post is NOT meant to discourage anyone, just to show that we are taking this project to a new level and making sure everyone who joined up in '05 still wants to be a part of the project now.

The reason, other than getting exposure, why people want to get into these portfolios, ultimately, is to make a profit. Not to go sounding like a Ferengi, but it is important that the quality of the portfolio be at a sufficient level to be marketable and in competition with ALL the other portfolio projects out there. You have one chance to make a first impression and that's all you get. If a potential buyer comes walking buy your booth at AC, flips through your Beasts of Yore Portfolio, smiles at you nicely while quickly setting it back down and moving onto the next booth- think about how crappy you will feel.

We need pieces that are eye catching, have good sense of anatomy and composition. Think about all the big successful portfolios out there- that is what they all have in common, regardless of subject matter. When this project started, Swan saw so many artists that were bursting at the seams with talent get knocked away portfolio after portfolio because they weren't one of the "Big 25" top artists in the community. She called this project "open" in the spirit of not having the same set of people, who get to work on project after project (generally invite-only), automatically get slots. Some people took this to mean anyone of any skill level could join.

We are at a point in this portfolio where interest has recessed to an all time low. This project is pretty much off the blip of the radar in the greater community, and we all have ourselves to blame. Personal life comes first, of course. I confess this project has been on my back burner since 2005 when it started. I've had my life do a complete 180 since then. But I think it's about time to get focused again.

The real purpose of this post is to get an accurate head count of the people still seeing this project to completion. If you do not have the time or energy or even the plain inspiration to complete this project, have no qualms about dropping out. If you want to keep working on your piece, please respond as well. If you are completed with your piece, please resubmit your completed picture in a cleaned up 300 dpi to either swandog   or charreed  .  You can reach us at either:
Please honestly access how much you still want to be a part of this project.  We all want it to do well.  We all want to get some exposure.  And we all want to get compensated for our time on this project.  We are also in debate about fees for the printing process.  Feel free to let us know about your thoughts on this project, please comment!

[EDIT] Please be aware this post is a kind of reset for this project.  If you do not answer, we will assume you have moved on to bigger and better things.  We will try contacting people who have posted in the community if they don't post to this entry, but we are relying on people to read this and respond in kind with a yes or no.  No answer and we will automatically assume "no dice". Thank you.
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Simurgh Update [May. 12th, 2007|09:00 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio

Thought I would make a quick post to show I haven't forgotten about this. :)

Read more...Collapse )

Also I noticed in the post previous to this one, June 1st was mentioned. Is that something we are still shooting for?
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(no subject) [Apr. 19th, 2007|09:24 am]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio

Would it be possible to get an official deadline for when all the entries must be in for?
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Aye [Mar. 14th, 2007|08:36 pm]
The Mythical Beasts of Yore Portfolio

[Current Mood |frustratedfrustrated]

I've never busted my head on wings like this before. I mean. I know of the anatomy. The layers of feathers. Primaries. Secondaries. Secondary Coverts. Primary coverts, etc. But I think its the ANGLE of her body thats making the placement look weird. I really feel like I got nowhere today with her wings and I apologize a trillion times to the people who took the time to redline and try and help me already. But I might just need it again ;.;

The wing on our left is the one im having the most problems with, because she's sort of at a 3/4 view so her wing would have to do a bendy 3/4 type thing too, wouldn't it? I also fear the one on our right may be too.. long? UGH. BLOODY WINGS MAN!

Other than that I fixed her toes(they bugged me) and added a bit of fuzzyness here and there. Take note the only parts of her that will be in bare human skin are her face(even there I might add a bit of fur, depends), breasts and a bit on her arms. I also made the frame for the border and sketched some rocks for the background. I want to make the background dark(because her fur is going to be golden, like a lions, so I think it'll bring her out more), but detailed. Background idea slightly inspired by this: http://www.cit.gu.edu.au/~anthony/art/sphinx.jpg .

As for the design on the border I was thinking of doing something like this:
http://content.answers.com/main/content/wp/en/1/14/Oedipus_and_sphinx.jpg Little squarey type things.

The name will most likely be on the frame written in a greek type font.

Anyhow..onto the WIP again...so yep..lets get these wings fixed already. My goal is to have the sketch done by this week. Then I'll start inking/ coloring once this is approved over the next few months once my supplies arrive (which should be next week..).

Sketch is under hereCollapse )

Thank you for your input and patience everyone! I wanna make this good ;_;
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